by Pedro L. Morales
We are

The Project

Wizards War is a project originated long ago. With the goal to develop a game of duels between wizards making use a gameboard with hexagonal grid, cards to represent magic spells and figures for mages and minions.

Originally It was designed as a board game, however, the emergence of new touch platforms and importance today of the technology, led me to try to develop it for iOS, with the intention to reach more people, both fans of this type of board games as new audiences more diverse.

In late 2010, I worked full time in the game, and within 4 months of hard work had available a fully playable prototype. As it is very difficult to design a balanced game system and my intention is to make a good game you like, I decided to publish the prototype in the App Store to go collecting feedback from users and thus be polishing all the details according to their opinions and suggestions. This was how War Wizards 1.0.0 appeared.

Today the project is still a prototype, but I add new elements each update, correct and change other aspects that I do not like. All with the help of users and the little time I can devote to the game.

As a parent of the child, only wish that someday It will be as I hope: the best game of hexagons of duels between wizards. And for that, I need your support and collaboration. Thank you very much everyone.

Pedro L. Morales

The Game

From the beginning it was very clear that it was not to make a clone of other famous games of this style like Battle for Wesnoth, Panzer Generals or even Advance Wars. It was getting a new game, very tactical and dynamic, adding a breath of fresh air, it was fun to play and could come to be appreciated by fans of the genre.

The game has no story mode, and artificial intelligence is quite simple, when we play a couple of times It only serve us as sparring to test our tactics. The game is very focused on duels between players, which is the real potential. You don’t think in Wizards War as a solo game, think like a board game (a tactical miniatures wargame) that uses technology to streamline all boring aspects of these games, only of this form you will be able to understand the idea behind Wizards War.

I summarize the main features which now offers:

  • Turn-based strategy game in hexagonal board 2 to 4 players.
  • There is available a total of 10 spell cards, fully illustrated.
  • There are two game boards, one for up to four players and another specifically for two-player duels.
  • All iOS possibilities afforded to play with your friends: GameCenter, Bluetooth or Wi-Fi direct connection, or simply play all in one device.
  • A manual of rules in game, fully illustrated.
  • Animations and special effects for spells.
  • A user interface designed with the idea: touch & decide.
  • Special skills for the units, providing greater depth and tactical value to our troops.

I leave you some screenshots of the game.

Can I contribute?

Of course yes, if you want War Wizards to grow into what it should be, if you like the idea and spirit behind this project, you can contribute any of the following ways:

  1. Buying. The game is available on the App Store. The price is very low compared to the work I’ve invested and not stop investing in it. I do not think I will disappoint, and as you progress and improve you will realize the real potential it has. At the end of this section you can see how many people have already purchased. Also, remember that you support and a poor indie developer =).

  2. Commenting. Your comments are always welcome. If you want to suggest a new rule, add to the game, new characters, spells, report a bug, whatever … can communicate it through the blog or directly to mail, always will be studied and appreciated.

  3. Advertising. Speak of the game, tell about idea of ​​the project to your friends, show it if you have bought, teach the rules, artwork, challenge your friends a duel, wear your social networks, you can join the Facebook page or follow the progress from Twitter . Anything that will help people know Wiards War and we are more and more players.