Report crash

Please, I am receiving any notifications of customers saying that they have problems with the game in devices of previous versions. I have opened this post so you can report any problems you are having. Please specify the next information, is very important for test the possible problems:

  • description of the problem, a detailed explain about the issue, summarizing: what happend with the game?.
  • Model of the device, if is a iPhone 3G, 3GS, 4, iPod 3rd Gen, etc.
  • iOS version, if the device is outdated, specify the version iOS 3.1, 3.2, etc

Besides, if anyone have the same configuration and haven’t problems, I appreciate your comment about this situation too, to clarify the nature of the error. Upon receipt of your data I will try to solve the problem. Note that the game has been tested for the iOS version 4.

My apologies for any problems you are having.

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Welcome to our new web!!

Welcome to new website of Wizards War. The goal with this change of look is gain more interactivity and feedback with my customers and anybody interested in Wizards War. You are free for read all sections in the web, post any comments you desire, or take part in the improve of the project and the game.

I am very excited about the impressions of the customers in the first release, let’s go to read any of them:

“A good start! Now you should just make some tweaks and add ons. I feel like summoned dudes are a bit to strong, I spend most of my time summoning them. That or make other spells more powerful. Also, more spells with effects, powers, creatures, mega creatures, and cool-down times. Make it so you may only be able to pick 5 of them, as to allow for customization of wizards. Anyways solid start, good game, worth the money. PS may need wifi multiplayer, that would be cool!”

by guitarnoob on Apr 19, 2011

“Love the style and feel of game. Now just add some more maps, spells, and unit types. Fun game!”

by Scape211 on Apr 9, 2011″

“This is a fairly decent little strategy game, but it’s pretty short on content. The game plays really well, but to get the most out of it you need to play with a friend, since the AI is very easy. Overall it’s definitely a good start, but needs to be expanded before it really shines. There’s some interesting gameplay mechanics as well, with the use of action points.”

by StriveMind on Apr 23, 2011

“This game has a nice board game feel to it. The graphics are rather nice looking and the game mechanics are fairly good too. Unfortunately with only 5 spells (2 types of units to summon, a damage spell, a healing spell and teleport) and 1 map it does seem a bit limited. The AI also lacks a difficulty setting so it can get a bit too easy after you have played a few games against it. However, with the developers promise to of future updates, this could become quite an excellent game.”

by SackRaceIndustry on Apr 20, 2011

“Interesting concept with a lot of possibility but still requires polishing to b amazing.”

by Absurd hero on Apr 10, 2011

The first point, Thank you all for your positive comments. I began this way with illusion in my work and in my idea, and although the results of sales are being very low, I’m excited about the people like my game. Really, the game is a prototype, a work in progress that will evolve, step by step, to a great game, at least this is my desire. I will try to maintain the game and this website as far as I can do.

Another thing, apologise for my english level, is awful as you can see :). I haven’t money to employ a traductor, but I’m improving it day by day. Please, correct me without compromise.

Thanks to all!!.

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